Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) speaks of three pillars that contribute to optimal health: acupuncture, Qi Gong, and TCM nutrition based on the five elements.

„I eat healthily.“ As a TCM doctor, I hear this statement often when I ask people about their dietary habits. But what is a healthy diet? For the Chinese medicine practitioner, traditional „healthy“ eating differs from modern dietary advice. The nutrition of Chinese Medicine is based on energy principles such as moist, dry, cold, and warm foods. In my practice, I advise you according to the principles of TCM nutrition based on the five elements.

TCM nutrition of the five elements

TCM nutrition of the five elements, deeply rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, is a holistic approach to diet based on the elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each element is associated with specific organs and energetic qualities in the body. This dietary philosophy aims to maintain the balance of Yin and Yang to promote health.

For example, the Wood element represents the liver and gallbladder and is associated with springtime and growth. Fire symbolizes the heart and small intestine, representing summer and transformation. The Earth element is connected to the stomach and spleen, representing late summer and harvest. Metal stands for the lungs and large intestine and is associated with autumn and withdrawal. Finally, Water represents the kidneys and bladder, symbolizing winter and regeneration.

By selecting foods according to these elements, TCM nutrition aims to support the harmonious interaction of organs and energies in the body to promote well-being and health.

Optimal processing

Additionally, you can support your body in digesting food optimally and processing nutrients effectively. Acupuncture or Chinese medicinal herbs can be used for this purpose. Practices such as Qi Gong meditation or Tui-na massage can also be helpful. While these methods treat diseases by correcting imbalances, the most important key is to ensure that your body does not fall into imbalance in the first place.

TCM nutrition

Preventing disease

As a patient, you hold this valuable key in your hand every day. It is called „the fork.“ In my nutritional counseling, I apply fundamental principles that help most people eat a balanced diet. My intention is to assist you in selecting more balanced foods based on the energetic principles of TCM, so you can create a foundation for a healthy life.


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